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What We Do

AIQ Solutions has developed a clinical decision support platform based upon advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence, to address spatial and temporal heterogeneity of disease. Our patented technology automatically detects and quantifies disease burden over time to help researchers better understand the disease and clinicians more precisely treat patients.

Just as not all patients respond the same to any given therapy, not all disease sites within a given patient respond the same. For example, having as few as 5% of tumors not respond to therapy can result in significantly higher mortality. Thus, physicians need to be able to identify and quantitatively track each disease site separately—which is nearly impossible with current technology.

For pharmaceutical companies, our technology dramatically reduces the cost of drug development clinical trials by enabling smaller, faster studies. Our first customer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

For individual patients, our technology reduces healthcare costs and improves outcomes by enabling the care team to better and more quickly adjust therapy based on treatment response.


Quantitative Total Extensible Imaging

  • Coordination of Study Data and Image Processing Workflow
  • Validation, Storage and Management of Medical Images

Quantitative Total Bone Imaging

  • Spatial assessment of burden and heterogeneity in hotspots
  • Temporal assessment of dynamics

Leadership Team

The Founders and Leaders of AIQ Solutions bring decades of experience leading drug and imaging biomarker development, redefining endpoints to move beyond precision medicine.

Robert Jeraj, PhD - Co-Founder and CSO

Professor of Medical Physics, Human Oncology, Radiology, and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Director of the Wisconsin Oncology Network of Imaging Excellence.

Glenn Liu, MD - Co-Founder and CMO

Professor of Medicine and Medical Physics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Leader of the Developmental Therapeutics Program at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

Eric Horler​, MBA - CEO

Previously general manager of a $220M global business for GE Healthcare, then President and CEO of Swallow Solutions, a medical device start-up. 14 years of experience in medical product development, marketing, sales, and general management.

Dona Alberti​, BSN, RN, MSM - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Former UW Carbone Cancer Center Assistant Director of Translational Research with over 20 years of clinical research experience.

Guy Starbuck - Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

14 years of experience as Software Architect and Development Manager for Yahara Software and Stericycle Inc.

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